Ohio State Buckeyes Bean Bag Toss

Ohio State Buckeyes Bean Bag Toss
Top 6 Designs!

Below you will find six of our favorite options of The Ohio State Buckeyes Bean Bag Toss Game. They are in NO PARTICULAR ORDER. Just our top six favorites, from what’s offered on the internet. The designs are different, but the game is still the same. A classic! Scroll over any Amazon button for more details. Then, choose your favorite design and call your friends. Game On!

# 1Ohio cornhole

Ah… our firt pick. This is a good looking bean bag toss game for any Buckeyes fan. It’s simple and straight forward without any ‘bells and whistles’ but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t look good. Quite the opposite. The wood greain design with the Ohio State ‘O’ and name in the center, stands out great against the background. The sides and top of the board are beaming in red. A classic feel with a modern look. We love it!

# 2Buckeyes bean bag

Here’s a great old look design of the Buckeyes bean bag toss game board design. Up top, it starts dark and then fades into gray and finally white towards the bottom. It’s a vintage look. A red and white stripe goes down the center and the team’s name and logo meet at the bottom. A cool looking cornhole board that any Buckeyes fan would love.

# 3Ohio State Bean Bag

This one we love! And we found it’s also a family favorite 🙂 Gather ’round your backyard and start up the BBQ grill. It’s time for a game of bean bag toss! This design looks great with that gray background. The classic triangle, which is found on many new and old cornhole boards, is donned in red and outlined in a bold white stripe. Along that stripe is another red pinstripe. It looks awesome. The teams mascot, Brutus Buckeye, waves the Ohio State flag with pride. The teams name is also prominently displayed so everyone knows who you’re rooting for! Nothing not to love about this one!

# 4football bean bag toss

OK, we’re going with this design for our number 4 pick. Why? Because it’s straight up classic, that’s why. It’s also the least expensive board in our top 6, so it’s friendly on the pocketbook. This design brings us back to when we were kids. Back in the 70’s and early 80’s pretty much everything football related, came in this design. A football field with your teams logo. Plain and simple, yet nostalgic. It also folds up and has it’s own carrying case to bring it to the game and tailgate in the parking lot! This one would look great, year round, in a finished basement or game room.

# 5Ohio State Buckeyes Bean Bag Toss

Again, with this Ohio State Buckeyes bean bag toss design, we really love the blonde wood, like we loved the cherry wood in our first pick. But with this design, we also love the classic triangle pattern found on many vintage and antique cornhole boards. Gray interior with the red border goes great together. The Ohio State logo is where everyone can see it. What a great gift this would make for a college student or even dad for Fathers Day!

# 6Ohio State Buckeyes Cornhole Toss Game

Yes, please! Here’s a couple reason we went for this design for our final pick. First, it just looks good. Second, it’s not found with all teams, which means you’ll have one that most people won’t. And finally, we think it’s perfect for the kids! Come on, what 10-year-old Ohio State Buckeye fan wouldn’t go bonkers for this? Imagine his or her excitement when opening it on Christmas morning or birthday. The stadium lights glow in blue and the field gleams in green. The colors are amazing and bold. Perfect!