Top 5 board games for adults

Fun Board Games For The Adults – Top 5

Here at NFL Bean Bag Toss Game, we have our opinions about other games as well, other than cornhole. Below are some incredibly fun board games for the adults, that we’ve selected and think you’ll  love, too!

When getting together with your adult friends, its fun to cut loose every now and then. Parents especially know what this means. Gathering with friends for a party, pouring a few drinks, and letting the kid in us come out, is important to all of us over the age of  say, 30.

Introducing board games into a party, is the fastest way to a great time.
Here’s our picks!

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Top 5 Fun Board Games For The Adults:


Hedbanz for Adults is a fun and hilarious game, that will have everyone laughing from the get go. The game of “What am I?”

One player puts a card on his head with the supplied headband. He then needs to ask questions to the other players of the game, in order to figure out whether the card on his head is a person, place or thing. Maybe you’re an object found in the backyard or you’re a kitchen appliance? Or maybe you’re a famous person in history? All while trying to beat the clock!Cartoon people hedbanz game box

Although this game is geared towards adults, there is no bad language or inapropriate cards in this game. But children under a certain age may not be able to answer questions regarding historical facts or people (ie: Marilyn Monroe)

The questions and answers lead to outbursts of laughter, and you’ll want to keep playing all night long. We love this game, and think you will too. Comes with 200 cards, 6 adjustable headbands, 24 scoring chips, 1 timer and 1 instruction sheet. For 2-6 players. You can find Hedbanz available on Amazon in the 1st Edition or 2nd Edition


Smart Ass
Smart Ass is similar to Hedbanz in the sense that you answer questions, except you must guess the who, what, and where am I for all? All 3 in order to move closer to being the ultimate Smart Ass! And anyone can shout out the answer, even when its not your Donkey smart ass game boxturn!

Its another fast paced party game for 2-6 players and includes a game board, 6 playing pieces and stands, 461 question cards, 2 jumbo dice, and instructions. This one also says
its appropriate for younger people, as young as 12, but we believe they may have trouble answering questions. We feel 21 or older will have a better time. No bad language or subjects are in this game.

It’s a trivia game that won’t last 3 hours (can be played in 30 mins or less) and will have you laughing out loud, the entire time. It’s a game for individuals, not teams, which makes it all that much more exciting! 


Murder Mystery at Mardi Gras
This game is great! Don’t be skeptical. This is truly an adult version of the classic board game “Clue.” Except with this game, YOU play out the characters! Each player is given a “script” to read, as their character. Nobody, not even the host will know the answer to “who done it?” Mardi Gras Mask Murder Myster

Read your part and then ask questions in order to find clues to lead you to the murderer. Above, I put the word “script” in quotes because its more like an outline to use to converse with the other characters and provoke questions. This way the game is always fresh. Never repeated dialog over and over.

This is such a great game for a dinner party, your guests will be asking when the next time you’ll be having one. It’s the perfect addition to lively up a hum ho dinner date. For 8 players (4 couples). You won’t be disappointed. Pour the wine and beer, and get this mystery solved! 

Cards Against Humanity

This is our favorite of the classic board game! Now I know what you’re thinking. How can #2 be better than #1. Well, we never said it was better, we just said it’s our favorite of the classic style board game. So lets get to talking about it before we move on to the #1 spot.

Cards Against Humanity is not a card game for the faint of Black box Cards Against Humanityheart. You need a thick skin for this one. Are you easily offended? Ummm… then definitely NOT for you. Do you get embarrassed easily? Nope, not for you then.

Imagine if this game was created by Charlie Manson and Pope, all while smoking crack. Yeah, thats how messed up this game can get. Again, it’s not for the faint of heart, not for children, definitely a board game for adults only. If you’ve ever played Apples to Apples, then we like to think of it as Apples to Apples on steroids. (The very illegal kind)

But if you’ve got a thick skin and aren’t easily offended, this is the PERFECT game for you! You messed up son of a bitch, you! (No offense, cause we are too)

Cards Against Humanity is the most outrageously, politically incorrect, but hilarious game, you’ll ever play. You’ll have six pack abs from laughing so much and so hard. You might pee yourself too! 


NFL Bean Bag Toss Game

Come on! How could you not guess that the NFL Bean Bag Toss Game Board, would be our #1 pick for best board game??! Its a game AND its a board!

The NFL Bean Bag Toss Game isn’t just for backyard BBQs or tailgate parties. Cornhole Bean Bag Toss Boards Red/White/BlueHeck no! Break this bad boy out at any party, and we guarantee a great time. And hey, we’re not even going to say you need to get an NFL board. A simple bean bag toss board would do, just as well. Cornhole is a classic, no matter what the design! You could even let the kids join in on this one.

The link above is for NFL boards, but by all means, check out some other models as well (Like the one to the right) by clicking this link. We won’t be mad 😉 

So there you have it. The top 5 fun board games for the adults. Not for the kids. There’s no doubt in our mind, one of these board games will have you creating some of the best laughs and fun with friends, that one could have. Go ahead. Plan a party, grab one of the games above, and have your friends bring the drinks. Its on!

What are your favorite board games for adults? We’d love to hear your comments below! And don’t forget to share with your favorite social networks!

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