Hey football fans!

My name is Stephen and I’m a huge football fan. I’ve been a fan of the Dallas Cowboys ever since my brother introduced me to them, way back in the 70’s! I’m a New Yorker too! I was “supposed to be” a NY Giants fan or dare I say, a Jets fan! I’ve also been a big fan of the classic Bean Bag Toss Game for as long as I can remember. (Also, from the 1970’s)

I have Sunday football gatherings at my home, pretty often throughout the season. But one weekend while I was visiting family in Florida, I found myself sitting in my brothers living room during the Sunday games. Then he broke out the NFL Bean Bag Toss Game, and let me tell you, the party had just begun.

We had a few beers, we had a ton of cheers, and the day was full of laughs. Football on the TV and Bean Bag Toss all day long. What a great day! I just had to get me one of these games for when I hosted football Sunday’s.

That’s just what I did. My Sunday game days have been something my friends all look forward too even more now, then they had before. We’ve even started placing some bets along the way! Ha! What a blast!

My slight obssesion with this game, and the amount of fun we have playing it, all while my friends oogle all over my Dallas Cowboys Toss Game, has led me to build this site. I’d love to pass along, and share my excitement with you and show you how you can get your own NFL Bean Bag Toss Game!