Houston Texans Bean Bag Toss Game

 Houston Texans Bean Bag Toss Game Top 6 Designs!

Below you will find six of our favorite options of the The NFL Tailgate Houston Texans Bean Bag Toss Game. They are in NO PARTICULAR ORDER. Just our top six favorites, from what’s offered on the internet. The designs are different, but the game is still the same. A classic! Just choose your favorite design and call your friends. Game On!


Our first pick starts of with this sharp looking board, Screaming in the Texans Red, White, and Blue with the logo front and center! Underneath lies the teams name while the NFL logo rests in the upper left corner of the board. For when you just can’t choose your favorite, this is the go to design!

Texans Bean Bag Toss Game

Here we have pick number 2. Of all the design we’ll explore today, this one is the most straight forward, simple design. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. It also happens to be one of the least expensive Bean Bag Toss Board game designs. This one, unlike the others, is made of plastic. Clean white board,  with the Texans logo proudly displayed. Perfect for the backyard on any spring day!

Texans Bean Bag Toss Game

This one is a classic design. We just love it. It brings us back to the old skool days when everything related to the NFL would come with this design. A football field with the NFL logo placed somewhere on it. This one comes with its own carrying case and is just looks great. Dad would love this for his man cave!

#4cornhole football

This Texans cornhole game board is sweet, for a few reasons, we think 🙂 First, the design itself is original. Which means you won’t see this on many (if any) other teams offering the bean bag toss game. It’s also awesome because of the field lights in the background. Again, something not found with other teams designs. The Texans logo is front and center and the helmet sits on the bottom. Texans is written across the top in white. This would go great in a sports themed basement!

#5Bean Bag Toss Texans

This was a tough one. We say this because it was between this and two other designs, and we’re down to #5. Which means one of the next 2 designs will lose out. But we had to go with this. The bright red just caught our eyes and we couldn’t turn away. Imagine this at a tailgate party, at a BBQ or birthday party. This one is fun! The background looks like the Fourth of July with sparkling bursts while the sides have straight lines of red and blue fading into each other. The Texans logo sits in the center of this cornhole game board and the team’s name across the top. It’s all the red that had us at hello.

#6cornhole board football texas

Here it is. The final pick out of our top 6 and we love it! It was between this and another, but we quickly decided on this sweet, mean looking cornhole board. Red, White and Blue baby! Texas is representing with this one. It has a design that gives the look of the board ripping and tearing apart through the center. The Texans logo is on the bottom right and the teams name is across the left-hand side. This looks great and would be perfect for the modern day man cave!


  • Includes Two, 2×4 Game Boards
  • Licensed shield with the Houston Texans logo
  • Includes 8 bean bags and instructions

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