Notre Dame Bean Bag Toss Game – Top 6!

Notre Dame Bean Bag Toss Game
Top 6 Designs!

Below you will find six of our favorite options of The Notre Dame Bean Bag Toss game. They are in NO PARTICULAR ORDER. Just our top six favorites, from what’s offered on the internet. The designs are different, but the game is still the same. A classic! Scroll over any Amazon button for more details. Then, choose your favorite Notre Dame Cornhole game design and call your friends. Game On!

# 1Fighting Irish

This is simply awesome. What else do you really need from your Fighting Irish cornhole boards? Gold, Blue and Green all loud and stand out on this one here! The Notre Dame logo is front and center on this bean bag toss game board with ND and Irish written BIG on the lower half. I mean come on! It even has ‘Notre Dame’ across the top. This is an all around great looking board, and we’re just getting started 🙂

# 2Bean Bag Irish Toss

Another fantastic looking Notre Dame cornhole board! And at just $149 it’s also one of the least expensive boards of all that we showcase today! It looks great with the wood design and blue stripe running down the center along with the gold outlines. The logo is placed in the center to not be missed while the ND sits on the bottom. A really sharp looking cornhole game board and no one will be wondering who you’re rooting for. Go Irish!

# 3Notre Dame Cornhole

Oh nice! This one is the vintage design and man does it look sweet! The design shows 4 slats of wood vertically all with the weathered look of the paint. Blue ‘painted’ boards with a big green ND. Fighting Irish across the bottom in white and gold and underlined with a green stripe. This one would be great to bring to a tailgate party and get a game started. Classic old design with weathered look. We love it!

# 4Cornhole Fighting Irish

It’s the simplicity of this Notre Dame Cornhole Toss design that makes it so great. Blue and Gold are the only 2 colors needed to show off who your favorite team it. The ND is against the blue background and a gold swirl rolls through the board from top to bottom. Fighting Irish is written across the left side, also in gold. What a cool looking board without all the flashiness, but yet it’s flashy 🙂

# 5Football cornhole fighting irish notre dame

This one has a lot going for it. At just $129 it’s affordable. It also folds and has its own carrying case. (Cool) And then there’s the design. The classic football field design. It’s simple yet loveable. Who doesn’t like this old school look? You’ll find the ND in the center and Notre Dame written across the top. The bean bags are ‘footballs.’ What’s not to love about this one?

# 6Notre Dame Bean Bag Toss Game

Oooooh yeah! We leave you with our final pick. Here we have a sharp looking board that will fit in anywhere. The design boasts wood planks going horizontally with the lettering all decked out in Fighting Irish gold! A blue and white outline gives it just what it needs for a little extra class. This Notre Dame Bean Bag Toss Game Board would look amazing in a sports themed room, finished basement or man cave! Heck yes!